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Premium Meats

Fine quality Australian and imported small goods such as:

  • Prosciutto

  • Spanish Jhamon

  • Presswurst

  • Cacciatore

  • Flat Pancetta

  • Grandmother Ham

  • Fresh continental sausages

  • Pre-cut meat packs

We source from manufacturers such as Princi, Barkly, Don, Bertocchi and Quatro Stella. 


Local and International cheeses

We have a range of cheeses available in our deli that include: ​

  • Calendar cheese (French)

  • Floridia Ricotta Cheese

  • Milawa Cheese Company

  • Alba Cheese (Fresh Ricotta / Mozzarella / Formagino / Pecorino / Provolone / Treccia)

  • Millel Cheese  (Freshly grated in tubs and blocks)

  • Specialty Goats and Sheep's Milk Cheese

  • Dutch, Edam

High quality products

We stock a range of local and internationally sourced products, available in store:​

  • Maggie Beer Henry Langdon (Sea Salt Rub / Biscuits / Teas, Chai Latte & Cocoa)

  • Milawa Mustards

  • Murray River Salt

  • McGraths Dressings

  • Newmans Mustards and Horseradish

  • Jamie’s Dressings

  • Rich Glen Dressings – Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sticky Balsamic Dressings

  • Screaming Seeds

  • Meredith Dairy Sheep's Milk Yoghurt

  • Ogilvie & Co

  • Whisk & Pin King Valley Fine Foods – Gourmet Vinaigrette and Balsamic Reductions

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