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Specialty products

Come in and shop our specialty products. We offer a range of Kitchen Gift ware, Dutch Products, Mediterranean Food Products, Gluten free products, Coffee and accessories, Take home meals and more!

We also stock a range of products for making Sauce and Salami. 

Kitchen giftware

  • Pizza ovens

  • Pasta machines

  • Cheese knife sets

  • Marble hcheese boards

  • Kitchen and pizza accessories

  • Cheeki - Drink bottles, coffee and wine cups

  • Vacuum food sealers, sliver, graters and a whole lot more!

Dutch specialty.PNG

Dutch products

Dutch Cookies, Biscuits and Rice Paper Dutch Grocery items including a good range of Dutch Licorice

Mediterranean food products

As exclusive stockist in the area, we provide the finest in local and imported foods, trusted popular brands and indulgent gourmet products

We have pasta Sauces including Passion Pasta and Tenuta Fragassi as well as full range of every pasta to suit your cooking style Packaged pantry items (e.g. Spices, Nuts, Breadcrumbs).

We stock a huge huge range of Italian Biscuits, such as Canolli, Almond Bread and Crostoli Ital Biscuits.

We also have Amaretti, Almond Biscuits, Biscotti Taralli Biscuits Divella Pasta and Passata.

gluten free.PNG

Gluten Free products

  • Pasta and GF Pasta Sauces

  • Bread and GF Crackers

  • Muesli

  • Cake Mix, Pancake Mix and Rice Puddings

  • Rocky Road

Coffee, Coffee pots and accessories

We stock Bialetti Coffee Pots and accessories. Since 1950 Bialetti have been making Coffee Makers, so you can be assured that quality coffee at home (design elegance and technological simplicity) .


Take home meals

Ann's in house, home made meals such as:

  • Vegetable or beef lasagne

  • Variety of quiches

  • Beef or chicken family pies

Marias homemade:

  • Pasta range

  • Pasta sauces

And Wood fired oven pizza varieties and bases.


Salami Season

Casings, vacuum bags, spices, sauces, salt, string , slicers, mincers, vacuum

sealers, sausage fillers and much more!

Tomato Season

Tomato sauce machines, bottles, crates, containers, bottle caps and many more accessories!

Pizza and Pasta making products also available...

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